Formula to calculate and copy dates based on form submissions and standard timeframes

I am very new to Smartsheet and I am struggling to find the right formula for a sheet. I am working on a access sheet linked to a form. Different access categories have standard timeframes, for others, the person submitting the form will have to indicate a specific date. I was planning to have a column where to have all the dates under control and planned to use the IF function, let's call it the date summary column. For example, if in a row the Demo account is selected I want to have 30 days added to the submission form to show up to the date summary column, if a contributor account is selected and the date is sent by the person requesting the access, I want that date copied to the date summary column, if the select access is C, I want to get a date that is 8 months ahead the submission date.

This is what I came up so far but, as you might have guessed already is not working:

=IF([Category]@row = "Demo account", DATE([Submission]@row) + 30

Other things to consider:

  • I already set up a column called "Submisison" that automatically registers the date and time of a request
  • There will be multiple dates, including extension request, so ideally I would need a formula that can be adapted to different cells

Thank you in advance!


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