Count if function and sequential numbering

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I have been banging my head trying to get this to work. I am trying to get an auto number that goes 1-….., for each name that appears in another row. Ex. Jim shows up 5 times this each time would be numbered 1-5, then Jordan shows up 8 times and would be numbered 1-8. So on and so forth. Any help would be appreciated.


  • DKazatsky2
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    Hi @Mark.poole,

    In your example, are you saying you want to see "1 - 5" for every instance of Jim or "1 - 5", "2 - 5", "3 - 5", "4 - 5", "5 -5"?

    If it is the former, which it seems to be, use this: ="1 - " + COUNTIF(Name:Name, Name@row)

    Hope this helps,


  • Actually after further researching what it is I need. Im Wanting to return an incremental value. So if jim appears 5 times each row JIM appears in would be numbered 1-5. I have a formula that achieves this. how ever due to formula cell reference restraints I had to create a work flow to copy data to another sheet. So I would need the incremental numbers to start with the current most recent date.

  • I actually figured it out after just building the countifs one condition at a time.

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