How can I document the history of Open/Closed Items on a separate sheet.

Summary: I have a sheet of data that pulls a report of items that are open. Each row on the master data sheet hold equipment data, then holds a multitude of columns split into (3) stages. (See sheet example below)

The column that lists the open items for each piece of equipment is set up with the following formula to create an easier to read list of current opens.....

=IF([Column A]@row = "Open Item", "Column A" + CHAR(10), "") + IF([Column B]@row = "Open Item", "Column B" + CHAR(10), "") + IF([Column C]@row = "Open Item", "Column C" + CHAR(10), "") ....etc.

(This report is still a work in progress but will look something like this)

Problem: I need to keep a clear history of the open items. I'd like that history to look like the report but with come additional columns such as when the item was flagged as open, when it was resolved, and a brief explanation of how it was resolved.

This history can not be on the master data sheet as we want to keep it private.

Not sure but think the best way to do this is add a formula to each of the columns that are applicable to move to a completely new sheet.

Please help. I need to wrap up this project as soon as possible! Thanks!!

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