How can I stop people from filling in what they shouldn’t?

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I have a worksheet set up to track invoices and invoice approval. There is a multi-tier approval process that I have automated that once one person approves a notice will go to the second person to approve and so on if need be.

I’m running into the problem where the second or third tier person will get a notice on one invoice, then filter on their name and approve everything under their name by-passing and not even checking to see if the prior approval needed was done…. Which has happened multiple times.

I am seeking any ideas on how I can prevent second-tier from approving before first-tier, etc. “Training” or continually requesting that they NOT do that has not been successful and is more a lesson in futility.

Is there a way to prevent this by a formula or something?


  • KPH
    KPH ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Is the second approver ever also a first approver? If not, you might be able to set up separate sheets for each tier and move rows between sheets at each approval gate. Then grant access only to the sheet that is appropriate. They could still filter and see everything under their name but everything will only be the rows that have already moved from 1st to 2nd approval. They'll never know what they don't see!

  • LAURIE2024
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    No, the multiple tiers are all different people. I did think about different sheets but that would be a logistical nightmare to keep track of as it would likely result in FIVE different sheets and not every invoice requires the same number of approvals. Some just need one approval… some go all the way to the top.