Cross Sheet Reference With Different Column Headers


I have two separate sheets: one for projects and one for mentoring. The two sheets have some shared column headers and some different column headers.

When "Mentoring" is selected from a dropdown in the mentoring sheet, I need data from some of the cells in that row to automatically copy to the corresponding cells in the project sheet.

Obviously, the "copy row" feature doesn't work because it isn't a 1 for 1 comparison. How do I only have certain cells in each "Mentoring" row automatically copy to the corresponding cells in the other sheet?

Thanks in advance!

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  • KPH
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    If you want a true copy - a static duplicated copy of the data - then you can use the copy row automation and hide all the columns that you do not want.

    If you want a dynamic reference to certain cells you can use an INDEX and MATCH or INDEX and COLLECT formula (or even VLOOKUP but it is less flexible) within the cells that you want to display the information from the Mentoring sheet.