Can't delete columns on shared sheet

edited 03/06/24 in Smartsheet Basics

Every time I try to delete old columns on my smartsheet, after I save and refresh the page, the columns come back. This sheet is shared with several people and it is SLOW. I was hoping getting rid of unused columns would help out the speed but I can not find a way to actually delete them.


  • Dakota Haeffner
    Dakota Haeffner ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey Jameson,

    I had an issue where I couldn't get my sheet to update and found out I had it open in another tab, once I closed all my other browser windows the updates went through. just an idea!

    I can't imagine it would be an issue but if it comes to it ask everyone to close out of the sheet for a minute and reopen it. My sheets are share with hundreds of people but rarely do they all need to have it open all the time haha!

    Hope this helps!