How do I get my formula to include the leading 0 in the beginning of all numbers?

edited 03/06/24 in Formulas and Functions

Currently I am running the formula below to get a set of 8 digits (including a leading 0) to separate it from it from the Site Name.

The formula is currently taking the leading 0s out of all of the numbers I am trying to get into my new column, but other than that working fine. How do I get it to include the leading 0 plus the rest of the number?

=VALUE(IFERROR(MID([Site Name]1, FIND(CHAR(65), [Site Name]1), FIND(CHAR(32), [Site Name]1) - FIND(CHAR(65), [Site Name]1)), MID([Site Name]1, FIND(CHAR(48), [Site Name]1), FIND(CHAR(32), [Site Name]1) - FIND(CHAR(48), [Site Name]1))))



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