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Hi all,

I have a thing I'm working on and I can't seem te get my head around it, but my gut says it is possible. I'll try to summarize as briefly as I can.

I have made a sheet with FORM attached where manufacturing staff can send in quality defects, engineering design flaws, test-fails, etc.etc.

The FORM has LOGIC dependicies to it, so some columns are not filled when certain dropdowns are/aren't selected. (because it's designed to have one form to cover almost all issues, departements etc., keeping it simple)

The FORM is accessible only when user has a active SmartS login, we use a general (free-user) factory SmartS account.

The SHEET where FORM-entries are saved has not been shared with that general account.

I have made a REPORT, and PUBLISHED that report. A link to that published report has been added in the header-message of said FORM. The report filters out to bare neccessities (columns, max 3days of retention etc.).


I have had a co-worker asking if it might be possible to edit sent in issues, more specifically update the 'solution' column when they later found out a solution for example.

Dr.Googled on that a bit, a request update is not the direction i'm going for. It would require too many people using the actual 'app' (smarts account landing page,notifications etc.), which is going to be a nightmare, escpially for non-tech savvy people. Also, it's pull instead of push.

Looked at rights with different user-leves here

My mind went to 'what if I let them comment, and have sheet admins add that comment in the 'solution' column:

So I thought, I just add the general factory account as a commentor in the Published REPORT.

Not possible to edit published reports at all.

So then I thought, I'll add the user as a commenter only in the actual report. But that would require giving the same rights to the acutal sheet. Which will as a consequence assign too much rights and insights. Also, the 3 day retention is nullified, report stills works, but since there is source access...

I would like to have the following:

Read access to report designed as and filtered by admins, but still have the ability to comment or update one or two columns by the general factory user.

I'm leaning towards a helper sheet that has the information in it simular as the above mentioned report, where I can then assign rights to the general factory account and enable editting/comments or something like that.

Then what needs to happen, is when there's a update on thát sheet, it needs to update the original sheet in only certain columns. (Solutions column most likely)

Long story afterall, my apologies.

Very much open to toughts and even more to solutions ;)

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