how to hide pop-up questions if not chosen in a field in pdf form


i only want to see questions and answers depending on their answer and dont show pop-up questions in pdf form


  • RickyT
    RickyT ✭✭✭✭✭

    In the form there is the logic feature that you can click on to guide people to fill/ or not fill out other fields. Click on the field and then select logic and it will prompt you to create the flow you are looking to make.

    Hope that helps!

    Ricky T

    Gov Contractor for USSF

  • seph

    thanks Ricky, sorry maybe my question is not clear. my concern is, there are questions that are still showing when I convert it into pdf form which is not required since I don't choose an answer that requires follow-up question. These questions should not be there. Those questions should only show up if I choose the answer that requires those questions.

    I don't want that to show up. I just want to primary questions that I created and follow up questions should not show up. Hope you can help me. @RickyT