Counting number of specific selections within a dropdown list



I would like to create a formula that will allow me to count number of times a specific selection has been made from a drop down list of options (whether or not the selection was the only one selected or alongside other multi select options)

As an example these are the selections in the drop down multi-select list:

Children (0 -12)

Teens (12 – 18)

Young Adults (19 – 25)

Adults (26 – 60)

Seniors (60+)

A normal COUNTIF statement is not working.

Thank you so much!



  • RickyT
    RickyT ✭✭✭✭✭

    You would need to use a COUNTIFS() Statment to get multiple options.

    This is the formula to just look at one thing =COUNTIFS( [name of column]:[name of column], "Children (0 -12)")

    This is for formula to include more than one thing = COUNTIFS([name of column]: [name of column], "Children (0-12)", [name of column]: [name of column], "Teens (12-18)")

    If you want to add more separate the statements by commas. as you can see, each time you want to add another criteria to the formula you first have to add the "range" or columns where you want to look for the information. You could do that for as many statements you want to put inside a COUNTIFS

    Hope that helps

    Ricky T

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  • Sbingelis
    edited 03/07/24

    @RickyT Thank you!

    The problem is regular Countif and Countifs statements do not seem to work for dropdown list cells. Please see screenshot I provided above and one I attached here. Each sell may have more than one drop down option and the normal countifs dont seem to recognize the values.