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charles vincent
edited 03/08/24 in Smartsheet Basics

My work colleague and i both have pro plans. She (owner) shared a smart sheet with me as an Admin. When i access the sheet on a web browser (edge, or chrome) i can not edit (e.g. insert row or column or indent). I confirmed under green share icon, she is owner and i am admin (we also tested with editor rights - no change). have tried Log out and log back in , no help, different browser and different laptops.

However, when i access on smartsheet my mobile device app (ios) I can add rows/ edit.

What gives?

edit… i see below in online help, so how do we add each other as licensed users to each other pro plan (assume no dollar change)

If you want collaborators to edit shared objects (sheets, reports, or dashboards), they must be licensed users on your Pro plan and have Editor or above permission