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Add completed form to Smartsheet


It would be great if, not only did the completed form generate a Smartsheet row, but it also was added as an attachment so you can review this at a later date. We have hundreds of forms on some Smartsheets and they are completed to observe employees carrying out certain tasks (process confirmations). The Smartsheet is then pulled in to a dashboard and reviewed in 1:1s. If we were able to see a physical copy of the form as well this would help when reviewing employees abilities in their 1:1s and ensure they are receiving the correct coaching to assist them in getting better at tasks.

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  • bisaacs
    bisaacs ✭✭✭✭✭

    Agreed with this! Being able to see a completed form with only the entered data would be great, especially when working with a lot of conditional fields that don't always have data in them.

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