Workload Tracking - Delete Unwanted Archived Content?

Michelle Ellington
edited 03/10/24 in Smartsheet Basics

I'm experimenting with Workload Tracking and seeing a relic in the heatmap I would like to remove from view as it skews the information. Would love some help if anyone has any suggestions on a fix. I want to share this functionality with my organization's leadership but am unable to if the information isn't meaningful. I understand the benefits to viewing archived content but it seems there should be a way to delete unwanted archives?? I have tried everything to remove it...deleting the sheet rows, deleting the sheet.....everytime I turn off/on Workload Tracking is creates another archive displaying old information.

The Smartsheet Help article addresses this but doesn't offer a solution to the problem. Workload tracking in Smartsheet | Smartsheet Learning Center

Turn off Workload Tracking

In the Resource Management Panel, select the ellipses menu, then select Turn off workload tracking.

The workload tracking data will be archived and no longer visible. When you open the workload schedule on other project sheets, the archived project will only show historical assignments. Any future assignments from the archived project will no longer be visible on workload tracking for other projects."


Screenshot showing two employees with incorrect utilization due to one sheet showing as archived three times.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hey @Michelle Ellington

    Thank you for raising your experience. I believe our Product team is working on developing a filter in the near future that will enable you to remove "Archived" content from view.

    In the meantime, to prevent these archived projects from showing on your workload schedule, make sure that you have clicked "turn off workload tracking" before deleting your sheet. 🙂



  • kjlutze
    kjlutze ✭✭

    Also having this same issue. I created a "sandbox" workspace to test new ideas before going live - now every experiment is archived and shows up in the workload heatmap making it essentially useless due to the amount of rows added to the view. Are there any other work-arounds?

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @kjlutze

    As of today, archived projects should be filtered out in the Workload Tracking schedule view. Can you check again and see if this has improved your current Workload views?

  • aimeeharrison


    I'm curious if this is resolved. I'm having the same issue, where I'm still finding elements on my Workload Schedule even after I've turned off Resource Management from the sheet and deleted the sheet.

    I'm also having trouble identifying where one item showing up in the schedule is coming from. Is there a way to click on a bar and be linked to the sheet where the row item is being generated?

    (In the attached SS, I have turned Resource Management tracking off for Meeting Schedule, and have no idea what sheet the PM entry is coming from (unless it's from a previously deleted sheet).