SUMIFS with Date Range & Condition

Hello Smartsheet Community,

I am hoping you can help me with this simple formula.

=SUMIFS([Start Date]:[Start Date], <=DATE(2024, 3, 1), Timeline:Timeline, "Tender Submitted", [Quote Total]:[Quote Total])

It is coming back as an invalid operation. Can you help?

Thank you in advance.


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  • JamesB
    JamesB ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    @Chloe MB When writing a SUMIFS, the first argument is what to sum, then range, then criterion.

    I think based on the formula above, you would want to adjust it to read this way.

    =SUMIFS([Quote Total]:[Quote Total],[Start Date]:[Start Date], <=DATE(2024, 3, 1), Timeline:Timeline, "Tender Submitted")


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