How to easily get new unlicensed users to a dynamic view?



I would like to use dynamic view to build a simple portal for onboarding new employees to our organization. The new employees will still have a personal email at the time they receive a link to the dynamic view along with instructions to set up a Smartsheet acct. I'm finding that there are so many steps for them to create and acct (screenshots below) and at the end when they get through creating an acct they are not pushed through to the dynamic view. They would have to log out and log back in and then reuse the link that was sent to them which is disorienting. Has anyone had the same issue and come up with a solution?

This is the automated email they receive with the link to the dynamic view for the onboarding portal:

After clicking on the link and selecting "Create an Account" they have to go through the next 7 screens to get into Smartsheet:

They've finally arrived in Smartsheet but the view from the original link is no where to be found

This experience won't be acceptable for a new employee. It's way to convoluted so hoping for a workaround.


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    Great point,

    Have you considred adding them into your account as free users first through the Admin Center?

    It seems that than they only need to create a password and non of the additional steps are required.

    I recommend to send the invitation to Smartsheet first and once they approved send them the link to the Dynamic View for onboarding.

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    Thanks Itai for your response. I didn't think of adding them to our account first. It's a possibility but then we still have that step and 2 emails (1 to setup account, 1 to provide the dynamic view link). It winds up being a 3 step process and not very efficient.