Permissions for Unlicensed Users - export to Excel


I'm a licensed user of Smartsheet on my company's Enterprise Account.

I am in the planning stages for a new process and I want to make sure it will work for my unlicensed colleagues before I start building it. Can unlicensed users of smartsheet export to Excel? I want people to be able to filter a sheet with a lot of data and then either just work from Smartsheet, or if they are more comfortable in Excel, I want to let them know if they can export their filtered data to Excel.


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  • AravindGP
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    Hi @Lindsay Scarey

    Unlicensed users of Smartsheet can export to excel even with just Viewer rights. I believe you're planning to give them editor rights, so it shouldn't be an issue. They can even create filters in Smartsheet with editor rights, except that it is just for them and cannot be shared.



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