copying data from row above to rows below via column formula

With form 1 in this example we enter account manager, client hit submit, the another form opens to fill in the services performed, so our users don't have to fill in redundant information for each service. Is there anyway to use column formulas to fill in the Updated Account Manager so when we use reports we can filter entries by Account Manager and all services performed will show up? I got it to work using CountIfs which resets on form change, with index match but I need to "drag" each time new entries are added. I also was trying using Collect but couldn't get that to work either. I could do an update request after form 1, but the issue is services counts can be variable from 1 to 10....which makes a report very hard to read due to width of sheet as the example only has the service and the real sheet has many more columns to fill out for each service. Thanks for your help.


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    Hi @David Clemons

    What affects the Updated Account Manager column? does it changes according to the customer's response to the first form?

    Can you attach a screenshot of the forms?

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  • Itai,

    The first form the user fills out their name ie "The account manager" and "customer name" via dropdowns then submits, which then opens the form for services. I want the account manage field to be "copied" into the second form row, so that when via a report filtered by "account manager" all rows from both forms show. I want this formula to be a column formula so there is no manual dragging of formulas.

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