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How can I make parents, children, and grandchildren show the same value for "Project Name" regardless of hierarchy level? I am importing some of the information in the sheet from the database and the children/grandchildren are subtasks that need to be labelled with the project name. The solutions I have tried so far have not worked.


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    Hi @MelissaYE

    You can't create a column formula and also type into the same column. You could have a column formula that pulls in a value for the top parent level and the same for all children and grandchildren. But that value would need to be entered somewhere, and the somewhere cannot be the same column.

    If you created another column (parent name, for example), and entered the Project name into that for all the top level rows, you could use a formula to return the value in Project Name column for the top level ancestor and then use the same for all children and grandchildren. This formula would do that.

    =IF(COUNT(ANCESTORS(Task@row)) = 0, [Parent Name]@row, PARENT())

    Is that what you are looking for?


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