Chart Engineering Status


Hello All,

I want to create various charts to display different statuses for my tasks. Such as "Intake in Progress, Intake Complete, Dev Commit" etc etc etc

I am trying to create various row reports to chart but can't seem to be able to chart both the primary task and the status.

Any suggestions?

I have blurred out the names of my tasks for confidentiality reasons.

Thanks in advance,



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hey @jstrand

    Charts can only take the first level of Grouping and Summary in a Report. If you need to drill-down with multiple levels, I would suggest using a Metric sheet and formulas to get your numbers instead.

    Can you clarify what you want the Chart to show? If you want the Task Names to appear, you could assign a Value to each step of the progress instead of having it be words. For example, "Intake Complete" could be step 5, so the value is 5.

    Then that way you could chart each Task against where they are in the process. Does that make sense?