Copy/Move data that is 1 line item into new sheet as multiple line items

jacquedale ✭✭✭✭✭
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Help! I have been racking my brain trying to make this work, so not sure if this is even possible. Sorry if this is a bit confusing...

After initial input into the form (with multiple required entries per line) I need to move the data into a sperate sheet (for excel export - to later be imported into PowerBi) as individual line items.

Smartsheet sheet would look like this...

But all items on this line item need to be "copied" to a sheet (that will later be exported via excel export - to later be imported into PowerBi), see below (sorry for all the redactions)- hope this makes sense

So bascially it would be the same as copying a row in excel and then pasting it as "transpose" (but the green items and one set of dark yellow/light yellow would become its own line item)

But the "receiving" sheet would have additional columns: as I need to also "count" quantity of finding, lines inspected...

Jacque Smith

Project Controls, MSR-FSR