This is my first Q post so if I don't provide enough info, let me know.

I have 7 categories of "open" tickets to resolve a software issue. The project name is "SCRM". I am trying to use the COUNTIFS formula to tell me how many open tickets I have against SCRM if an open ticket counts if the criteria is one of the seven categories. This is what I started with and I can't get past the first status of "UAT Testing". =COUNTIFS({System}, "SCRM", {Status}, "UAT Testing", {Status}, "Issue Reported"). The formula works fine until I add the second {Status}.

Thanks in advance.



  • Courtney S.
    Courtney S. ✭✭✭✭

    With COUNTIFS, all the criteria have to be true, so currently your formula is asking for cells that have both the status of UAT Testing and the status of Issue Reported. I believe it should work with an OR function (OR Function | Smartsheet Learning Center) in the second criterion section. Like this: =COUNTIFS({System},"SCRM", {Status},OR("UAT Testing","Issue Reported","Another Status Here","etc"))

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