How to keep track on project managers who leave the company in assigned to columns (losing SS accoun


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We are currently keeping a database in which we track every market research project we are running or ever run in the past. The project manager is entered in an 'assigned to' column. So for example in 3 years time we still know who managed a specific project.

However, if the PM is no longer active in the company --> the SS account will disappear --> the contact will disappear in the 'assigned to' column.

How can we keep track on PMs that have left the company. Just so we know in the future who has run a specific project?




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    Hi @Jef Snyders

    We can do this with multiple ways to keep a track of specfic role based members:

    1) In your main project database, instead of directly assigning project managers to projects in a static column, use a dropdown list or cell linking to link project managers from the project managers database to the projects. 

    With this way even if a project manager's account is deleted, their name will remain linked to the project

    2) Create a separate column in your project database to capture the historical project manager for each project. 

    This column can be labeled 'Previous Project Manager' or similar to it1-1

    Hope this helps - Happy to help further!!

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