Sheet Summary Report - Exports in Completely Random Order


Hi -

I have created a sheet summary report, in which the projects are sorted by a completion date.

When exporting to PDF, the order is completely random and has 0 logical sense, not matching any other order that would exist.

Not sure why the export can't match the sort input, or why grouping doesn't even matter when exporting.

Am I doing something wrong? Can't find a way to fix.

Thanks for any info.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hey @camr

    Currently Reports do not print with Grouping and Summary visible in the exported PDF - please add your vote to this related Product Idea: Provide users with the ability to Print a Grouped Report

    One suggestion is to add your grouped report to a dashboard, which then can print and export with the included groupings.

    That said, the Sort Order should still remain (sorted by completion date within that specific grouping) so I am unsure why your rows may be appearing in a different order. Can you confirm if they are appearing in the correct order if the Grouping was showing? Or are you looking to see an export with the Sort applied without the grouped sections?