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  • Cathy Salscheider

    Hi all,

    I am a Sr IS Project Manager at Overlake Medical Center and Clinics in Bellevue, WA, which is also the home of Smartsheet! We are so excited to be neighbors.

    My partner, Jeni, and I lead the implementation and support of projects and portfolios for IS and for the entire enterprise with Smartsheet. We are currently involved with our FY25 planning - Smartsheet is a key tool we use to coordinate and manage that process. Which is in addition to our day jobs of running enterprise-wide projects.

    Additionally, we act as internal consultants for the whole organization for using Smartsheet within their departments. We have standardized templates and processes with the goal of having the most of the users not needing licenses.

    Smartsheet is our main project management tool. We use Control Center to automate the setup our workspaces for approved projects and use a ton of Dynamic Views.

    We've been using Smartsheet for about 3 years now and are looking forward to connecting with you all for sharing ideas and networking.

  • Will Jeffords
    Will Jeffords ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi everyone! I’m joining this group because my company serves the healthcare industry in their contact centers and customer experience needs. I’m seeing insights here among you all that are inspiring for me as I consider the many specific issues that exist for this space where data and collaboration are key! My Smartsheet work is focused on operational improvements and streamlining how our business works for our employees and customers everyday. Looking forward to all the discussions! Best, Will

  • Michael Ayres

    Michael Ayres

    EPMO Leader

    Saint Francis Medical Center

    Nice to catch up with you all!

    JIDEATTURRA ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I am Jamie and I am using Smartsheet to enhance our Health Care contractors capability to deliver their expertise! I have been using Smartsheet for 3 years and am currently working for Atturra as a Smartsheet consultant.

    Looking forward to hearing how SS has helped you in your Health Care role!

  • Hello!

    My name is Angie and I work in the MedTech and Med device field, mostly on the engineering and manufacturing side of things. Think, R&D and continuous improvement. I also have experience on the flip side with contract manufacturing of consumables (sunscreen, hairspray, etc).