File ownership and access after leaving a workspace

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Others and I are rolling off a project and have ownership of several documents within the workspace. I need to make sure that the Owner of the workspace (who already has admin rights to all documents) will still have access to these document when others and I leave, even if our emails and/or accounts get deleted.

I tried transferring ownership to the member using these steps, but the "owner" option is not showing (they have "Admin" rights). Thank you!


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Work_SPE2

    Have you tried the Workspace method outlined in that article?

    • The new Owner creates a new Workspace, where you're shared with Admin permissions
    • They drag over all files from the current Workspace into that one

    That said, your collaborator will still have access to the items shared to them even when you leave with the updated Plan Asset Ownership model - your organization/plan is the overall "owner" of those items, so the items will stay in the Workspace even if your account is removed. Here's more information:

    I would recommend making it clear to the System Admin for your plan that when your account is removed, they should ensure that the your assets are transferred to this other person. Here's more information: Transfer ownership of assets and groups