Workflow: Select Destination Sheet Not Working


Hello, I am attempting to create a simple workflow to move rows from one sheet to another.

I am a licensed user, Sys Admin, both sheets reside in the same Workspace, I am the Owner of the Workspace and the Sheets. The source sheet was created weeks ago and the designated sheet a few hours ago. I have refreshed my session in both sheets. Exited and restarted the session. Yet, each time I try to complete the step "+ Select a sheet", in the workflow template, no matter what I type in the search box, the result is always "Something went wrong and we couldn't process your request."

I tried typing the entire name, tried just a key word, tried copying and pasting the sheet title via [Ctrl C/Ctrl V] and still no results. I even tried to create the workflow from scratch instead of using the template, and still no results.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

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