Master Dashboard


Hi I am trying to build a master Dashboard [ I have existing dashboards for each Projects]

I am trying to create like below but a master one[Refer 1st below pic only ] This is status for diff departments within 1 project and want to make 1 for all project status

This below report was made by predecessor , I don't know how to make it , Is this a sheet report or summary report ,How do you create separate lines for each department

I think this will work for my master Dashboard once I know how to create them

Any help tip will be appreciated which report is best for master dashboard summary sheet or row report , want to display as stacked bar chart on final dashboard


  • brianschmidt
    brianschmidt ✭✭✭✭✭

    It looks like a summary report to me, pulling summary metrics from separate sheets. Not being able to dig through your files, my guess would be that each department was represented on separate sheets and then the same summary calculations were set up in each sheet through the summary tab (on the right-hand side of any base sheet). One way to find out is to click on the hyperlink for each project and look in the summary tab. If these fields are represented there, that's how they likely set up the summary report.

    It's possible they had a workspace or folder in which these sheets were housed, and the Summary report just used that folder or workspace as a source. That way, as new sheets were created that would have the same summary data, they would rollup without having to adjust the report source.

    Hopefully, that helps some!:)