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This seems like it would be pretty straight forward but I'm finding it not, of course.

I have two sheets, one with a set of 'project templates' which have numerous formulas, formats, etc., and I have another sheet with a list of projects (same exact column setup) using these templates, but filled out with actual data in each project. I need my team to be able to easily copy the needed template from the one sheet, and paste at the bottom of the other sheet to include all formulas. I don't understand why this would be a difficult task. Copy to another sheet loses all formulas.

Seems like yet another huge miss by Smartsheet.

Any help is appreciated

Template page:

working page:

Note, the working page does have many columns hidden as they are formula driven and should not be touched by users (and since you can't lock down cells in smartsheet), but the total number and naming of columns are matching in both sheets.



  • Courtney S.
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    Workaround ideas:

    Could you maybe have Template study rows at the top of the working page, for easy copy-paste for adding new studies?

    For the formulas, do you think it would be possible to turn most or all of the formulas into a Column Formula so that all new rows in the working page have formulas working? Then you really would only need the values from the template sheet Use column formulas to apply calculations to all rows in a sheet | Smartsheet Learning Center

  • Jezza
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    Thanks, column formulas will not work, there are far too many formulas driving this sheet to combine them into a single column. I was trying to avoid having the templates at the top of the sheet as the whole sheet is exported into excel to use to drive a pivot table. I may just take all of this offline into excel, Smartsheet as per usual is slower, more annoying, and less capable than a normal spreadsheet.