Data shuttle - uploading data from Excel sheet

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Hi everyone,

I am looking for a workflow, that copies a data from excel file into Smartsheet (which also captures data from the form created within the sheet) without having the team members to access Smartsheet. The reason for considering this upload is, sometimes there will be a bulk data which just need to be copied into the forms which is time consuming, so in order to overcome this issue, I am looking for the ways to do this.

Can I use data shuttle to do this? or can I link the common one-drive file to Smartsheet?

Please provide suggestion! Thanks in advance 🤗.


  • You can use the integration between Excel and Smartsheet to automatically load data from Excel into Smartsheet without requiring team members to access Smartsheet. This can be done using tools like Smartsheet Data Shuttle or using scripts and macros in Excel that automatically update data in Smartsheet from Excel. Regarding OneDrive, you can use the external links feature in Smartsheet to access data stored in a shared OneDrive file. Choose the option that best suits your needs and situation.

  • Mounika
    Mounika ✭✭✭

    Hi @BraylenStanton , thanks for responding. I have data shuttle but the unique identifier column in Smartsheet is a auto numbered column and the workflow is failing to run. Is it required to have a unique identification column for this upload workflow (when the data is copied from excel to Smartsheet automatically?)