Please share the Formula to Capture Creation Date for Rows in smartsheet.

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myself and my teammates are am using two separate sheet with data on each every week. I want a formula to enter that tells me the date of the last entry . How can I do this?


  • KPH
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    Step 1 - Record the date of each entry

    Option 1 - Use an automation

    Use the Automations option at the top of your sheet.

    Trigger is when rows are added.

    Action is record a date - just select the column to put the date in.

    Option 2 - Use the system generated created date column

    Add a column to your sheet.

    Select the column type - created date.

    Save the sheet.

    Step 2 - Formula to find the latest date in the sheet

    This formula would give you the latest date in the column "Created" in the current sheet.


    Do you want to find the latest date in both sheets?

  • Bella_Love

    Yes, I want to find the latest date in both sheets.

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    If you specify both columns within the same MAX formula you will find the latest date no matter which sheet it is on. You will need to use cross sheet references, for at least one column.

    The formula will look something like this:

    =MAX({date column on sheet 1},{date column on sheet 2})