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  • Deepika Kuna

    Hi, I have a smartsheet - where I have automations to send a reminder to the submitter from the date of the modification of the contract inputted by the submitter. How would I set up the automation to be recurring indefinitely from the date identified in the modification column ?

  • KPH
    KPH ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Deepika Kuna

    The smartsheet custom recurrence only allows you to set up recurrences based on a static start date that is the same for all rows. To do something based on the date in the modified column you will need to add two additional date columns to your sheet.

    Step 1 -

    Add two date columns to your sheet.

    Name one something like "last reminder sent" and the other "next reminder due".

    Step 2 -

    Create the first automation as non-recurring.

    Add a final action to the automation to record a date in "last reminder sent".

    Step 3 -

    Create a second automation that will be your recurring automation.

    • trigger - when date is reached
    • run once on - date field
    • Select the column you have as "next reminder due"
    • Add the action to send the reminder
    • Add another action to record a date and record this in "last reminder sent"

    Step 4 -

    On your sheet, put a column formula in "next reminder due" and make this "last reminder sent" plus whatever delay you want between the messages.


    So now...

    1. Each time you send an reminder the last email sent column will be updated.
    2. When last reminder sent changes, next email due will change.
    3. When the date in next reminder due it reached, the automation will trigger.
    4. The automation will send the message and update last reminder sent.
    5. You are back at step 2.