First day of the week being Sunday and not Monday


ISO standards and the majority of the world have Monday as the first day of the week but Smartsheet don't and having a search on their forum it seems people have been asking them for 7 years about this and it hasn't changed.

We have a fairly large international, potential user base (approximately 5000) and I can imagine it will cause mayhem if people instinctively add tasks to the first day of the week and it's Sunday and not Monday on SS. I am trailing the software for myself atm.

Does anyone else, not in the US/Canada, use Smartsheet and is there a setting somewhere? It seems insane to me that it doesn't have the option to do that but I thought i'd check just in case it's a me issue.

I like Smartsheet and as seemingly small as this issue is, it is a deal breaker for us because it will cause issues every week and especiallyears since users have been asking for this according to the forum.y for new users. Also it makes me concerned that Smartsheet doesn't fix issues because it's been 7

Thanks so much in advance.


  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @Arr

    If you're using a sheet as a Project sheet, you can adjust the week start date for that project in the Project Settings:

    However there isn't a way to adjust how the calendar appears when you're entering a date. Please add your vote and voice to this Product Idea: First day of week configurable in every representation



  • Arr


    From my search, customers have been asking for this for at least the last 7 years and SS have not done this despite the numerous votes asking them to do this.

    Our group of companies have employees around the world who use different working days so the software is simply not suitable for us because it will cause endless confusion. The vast majority of the world uses Monday as the first day of the week so it's not like customers are asking for anything out of the ordinary.

    And to be frank if SS have not done this in the last 7 years when paying customers have been asking for it then I doubt they will get round to this if we sign up to your software.

    I will continue my search for an alternative.

    Thank you for replying.