Cell Linking User Distro List from one Sheet to another Sheet Summary for Copy and Pasting

mmac ✭✭✭✭✭
edited 04/03/24 in Formulas and Functions

Hello, I have a user column contact list with user emails in one sheet (1) and two additional columns for different distro lists that each user is a part of.

I am linking these columns/cells to a project roadmap sheet (2). As part of Sheet 2, I am utilizing the sheet summary and I have added fields within the sheet summary and included a formula to pull in the users for each individual distro list they are a part of.

The end goal is to be able to copy and paste from each distro group field in the sheet summary and email those users. However, the issue I am running into, is that admins/owner of the sheet, when clicking into the fields to copy the user emails from the sheet summary, the formula is exposed. Does anyone happen to have a work around, or a different idea on how to accomplish this?

Thank you in advance for your support.


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