Form URL Customization and checkbox features

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    Hi @Andrée Starå! Thanks for responding! It is very strange, the question I have asked was not the text I see now. My questions are: 1. I have linked (using data-shuttle upload) the OneDrive excel sheet to Smartsheet to update the Smartsheet as the excel gets updated. Basically, whenever the new rows are added, or any changes have been after adding the rows in excel (which is a shared one-drive file, and they should be updated in Smartsheet. And also, the sheet within the Smartsheet is also populated via Smartsheet form.

    Excel File:

    Smartsheet file:

    The unique ID column was created as it is required to include in the upload workflow (which otherwise I do not require that field). Currently the sheets are linked, but I have not made the column in Smartsheet as Auto-numbered and it is starting with "SS-ID-" while the data coming from excel file, the unique ID starts with "EX-ID-". So, know people entering data via Smartsheet form will not be able to enter the Unique ID in this case (because they do not have access to this sheet and even if they have it is not ideal for them having to look at the sheet to know the ID). So, is there any way that i accomplish this?

    2.Is there a way to customize the URL link of Smartsheet form? Not to prepopulate the fields but to just edit the URL name (an outward facing link or Phenotype link)?

    Thanks in Advance!