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FINALLY!! There is a Smartsheet **Education** Community


I just happened to stumble upon this, and I'm delighted to see the Smartsheet expansion within the field of education. I've been utilizing Smartsheet for 13-14 years to create data collaboration solutions across every department within the school framework. While I have, specifically, served only virtual schools during this time, I know Smartsheet has tremendous capacity to serve ANY school setting; K-12 & higher ed, public or private. Off the top of my head, my successful Smartsheet solutions were created for the following, and more...

...Student enrollment & withdrawals, special education & 504 compliance, related services tracking & billing, student report cards & HS transcripts, MTSS readiness surveys/data management/integrity rubrics, SEL & ELL caseload assignment workflows, graduation pathways tracking, counselor/evaluation/MTSS/grief counseling etc. referrals, staff credentials management, student assessment/resource inventory requests/approval processes, ETC!!

I have "lived" in Smartsheet almost daily for years now. For so long, I felt like I was on an island creating solutions in the education world. School leaders come to me all the time to bring solution ideas to life. I have a lot of trial & error in my wake, and I've learned a LOT of tricks of the trade...but I'm always finding a new project challenge to take on. I'd be more than happy to bounce ideas off of others who speak the same field language!!

~Proudly serving Accel Schools, National Shared Services.