Formula results are affected by the word "ing", why?


Hi everyone, i have an issue.

I have formula which is influenced by several columns and conditions, here's the formula.

=IF(OR(CONTAINS("PW"; Task@row); CONTAINS("PC"; Task@row); CONTAINS("PF"; Task@row); CONTAINS("WC"; Task@row); CONTAINS("WF"; Task@row); CONTAINS("CF"; Task@row); CONTAINS("FC"; Task@row); CONTAINS("FF"; Task@row); CONTAINS("KI"; Task@row)); IF(ISBLANK([Quantity (Pcs) (Lot)]@row); "WIP Prepare"; "WIP " + INDEX(CHILDREN(Task@row); MATCH(""; CHILDREN([Output Utuh]@row); 1))); IF(OR(CONTAINS("PW"; PARENT(Task@row)); CONTAINS("PC"; PARENT(Task@row)); CONTAINS("PF"; PARENT(Task@row)); CONTAINS("WC"; PARENT(Task@row)); CONTAINS("WF"; PARENT(Task@row)); CONTAINS("CF"; PARENT(Task@row)); CONTAINS("FC"; PARENT(Task@row)); CONTAINS("FF"; PARENT(Task@row))); PARENT(Location@row); ""))

The problem is, when one of the columns is added the word "ing", the formula produces different logic than before (i added "ing" at Task@row, then "Stack" become "Stacking", then at Location@row showing the different result)

Same as the other rows, when the word "ing" is removed from that column, the formula produces the correct logic (according to my arrangement), i change "General Checking" become "General Check"

Are there any rules which i broke, please help and guide me, thanks🙏



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