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Ability to chat to "@groups"


I am unable to create groups possibly as i am not admin but once i have list of project stakeholders added the relevant workspace, i would like to be able to message certain groups of stakeholders within different sheets. At the moment, I have to @ each individual stakeholder rather than just creating a group for those stakeholders and then @thegroupname. I have about 20 stakeholders all from the same work place that i have to manually @individual name rather than just @group.

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  • Cathy Salscheider

    We could also use this in our project portfolio, when we are getting ready to move a project into In Process. Normally, in a meeting, we ask the resources in the Resource (contact) cell if they have the bandwidth to start the project. It would be wonderful if we could @groups for a predefined SS group. Or better, be able to @Resource (which is the column name containing the contacts) for the row. The more I write up this use case, the more I like the idea!