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Allow color and logo to be specified for folders as it is for workspaces


I submitted this a couple of years ago using the old form submission but am adding it here as well as I still very want this.

The situation

Workspaces allow us to specify the workspace colors and logo:

This changes the color of the stripe at the top and adds a logo to each sheet, dashboard, report, and form.

My team manage multiple concurrent projects and each project uses the same copied workspace and has the same items in the project plan. You will often find them with four or five smartsheet tabs open, all with the same name, but all with a slightly different project plan in. The color/logo at the top is crucial for them to know which project they are working on. It is subconscious and works incredibly well.

The problem

This configuration option is only available on workplaces; not on folders. Which means we use a separate workspace for each project. Which in turn means we can't nest our projects into years or quarters or months. Which means the tree is getting enormous and I have resorted to creating fake workspaces with tittles full of hyphens to create dividers to make it easier to know when to slow down when scrolling. The problem is worsening with each new project we take on.

The solution

If we could set the color on the folder level, I would not need a workspace for each project. I would use a workspace as it was originally intended.

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