I'm looking to create a smartsheet that can track our heated bags. So What I'm looking to do is have the employee scan the qr code that I will create and it will bring them to a form they will fill out, then that form will generate with all the employees information for me to see in one spot on smartsheet. I do not want the employees filling the information out be able to see all others information. Please help


  • Gillian C
    Gillian C ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @JenaRose

    Smartsheet forms can be used by anyone without them needing to have access to your smartsheet. If your QR code links to the URL of the form all the employee will see is the questions in the form that they will complete and send. Once sent this will then populate in your smartsheet.

    This will work if you don't need the employees to edit anything and just resubmit a form everytime you need them to.

    If you are needing the employee to edit information after it has been sent in then you can do this via a Dynamic View. You can build the Dynamic View in a way that will only give the employee access to the information you need them to have, and you can also limit the Dynamic View so they can only see the information linked to them.

    That being said I think from what you have put in your initial query the Smartsheet form will work for you.

    Hope this is what you were looking for.