How do I track our mushroom inventory?

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I have created multiple sheets that are inputted through forms for the team to update. The team updates the inventory based on the tent, mushroom type harvested and how many pounds. We need an up to date tracking of the inventory of each type of mushroom. At minimum I need to figure this out.

Advanced would be to be able to track our 'pre harvested' mushrooms to see what is coming up the pipeline. I've created a sheet to track this, but not sure how to summarize it.

Another advance would be to show the inventory minus the 'marketing mushrooms' AKA the mushrooms that are given away to get new customers. We are tracking this as well.

What would help me the most, as of now, is to be able to track the mushroom types and amounts.. Thank you!!!


  • jacquedale
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    Hi @mushroommaggie

    Can I ask why you have this setup currently with multiple sheets? Seems you may be able to condense to one sheet/form for ease at that point (save the more complicated, multi=sheets, etc. for the more advanced needs).

    If I am understanding correctly, you could create a report, that groups your numbers based on your given criteria (ie- tent, type, etc). For instance, we track which employees have completed a weekly toolbox talk task and each manager wants to see who on their team has/hasn't the report pulls info and I have it grouped (see below):

    You could also have this info pull into a dashboard if you don't necessarily need a "printable report". For instance I track smartsheet "tickets' (like IT requests). My leadership doesn't want a "printable report" they just want a quick set of numbers to look at. So I setup the below:

    If either of these helps, they are easy to do and I am happy to provide more info if needed.

    Jacque Smith

    Project Controls, MSR-FSR

  • mushroommaggie

    @jacquedale Thank you so much for being willing to help! ... I'm new to all of this, so I think I thought the multiple sheets was necessary. I don't think our level of payment allows for reporting, but I think we can do the dashboard. Could you assist with that? We basically just need to see the numbers. Thank you so much!!!