Automation trigger not working with filters/conditions



I've a workaround automation that I'm using for a course training registration sheet (linked with forms) to send to specific people once we've reached a certain number of registrations for that course/component, so they're aware of the numbers and to close off the form due to the limit being reached.

I've used 'helper' columns for the calculations since an automation can't go from a sheet summary field; however with the parameters I've set, the trigger isn't registering. I first had it set up to 'when a row has changed' and had the trigger field the same as the condition field, but that just triggered each time a form for that registration was submitted.

So i've changed it to trigger once the course component level has changed (in this case component #2), and the condition is where the count column is between 7 and 9. There are currently 8 submissions counted in that column, however no automation email alert has been sent (and I've waited some time as I know there is sometimes a lag).

I may be overlooking something obvious, but can anyone assist please as to why this isn't triggering to the specified conditions? Would be great if there were more options for the trigger condition - even better if forms could have parameters added to close off for certain conditions!

Appreciate the help, ngā mihi.