Dependencies- Start and End Date help

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I am trying to automate the start and end date of Task #2 from Task #1. I have enabled dependencies in Smartsheet.

Here is the order of events- A deal closes on 9/29 (task #1/row #1), and then I need to do a knowledge transfer for 4 days from 9/30-10/3 (task #2/row #2)

For example: Under the "Predecessor" column on row #2, when I look to edit the Predecessor, I have input in the pop-up box:

Row #1- Deal Close- Type: Finish to Start; Lag-0

This automatically inputs the start and end date to be 9/30. However, I only want the start date set to 9/30... how do I automate in that I need 4 days to complete the task #2? Or, is the predecessor function/enabling dependencies only able to set dates for a 1-day start/end date?

(hope this makes sense)

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