Data sheet refresh from email attachment


Is there a way I may refresh a established smartsheet periodically with new data - sent to an email address as xls or csv attachment to an email.? Also how to setup at receipint email address . Thanks


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    Hi @Curious101

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    Yes, but not with core Smarsheet.

    Here are the options you could use.

    • Smartsheet API
    • Premium App, Bridge
    • 3rd-party services like Zapier or similar

    Would that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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  • marc4
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    If you are using outlook/exchange you can do this by setting up an powerautomate flow you look for the incoming email and then save the attachment to OneDrive. You can then have Data Shuttle import the file on OneDrive to update the sheet.

    You can also use Zapier. Set up a zapier email box and have you your email client forward the email with the attachment to zapier. Then you can have a zap save the attachment to OneDrive or Google Drive and then have a Data Shuttle import the file