Request for Update Workflow - Variables


I currently have an automated request for update on my sheet, with 4 specific fields for a specific person.

Is it possible to create a variable in the workflow-request for update feature, whereas the request for update includes the required 4 fields, as well as any fields that contain no data? Currently, if any of them are blank, the person needs to either scroll throw the 40-50 columns to complete them, or "edit" the row and complete them. It'd be more streamlined if they could be included in the update request.

For context; the form is a lead in take with ~40-50 questions. The form is usually filled out by our sales staff after an initial consultation, or by the client themself. Once this form is completed, a document is generated as a sort of "one pager". The estimator/project manager gets sent a copy, adds content via the 4 fields (inclusions, exclusions, additional notes, and proposed budget), and another document is generated with a high level one page proposal. If either the sales staff or client don't' know the answer/can't answer the question, it might need to be edited by the project manager depending on the field.