Does locking a column in the destination sheet prevent cell links from updating?


Hi All,

We're encountering a problem where cell links are not updating. There are numerous project sheets (a few hundred of them) that each have a set of cells linked into a master sheet.

When the owner or admin of the sheets makes an edit in one of the project sheets, the master sheet receives the update via the cell link as expected.

When other users update the sheet, the cell link fails to pull the data into the master sheet. These other users would have lower (editor) permissions, btw.

One (perhaps) important point is that the columns in the master sheet are locked. (I do not know if they have always been locked or if that happened at some point along the way)

I can imagine that the column lock may be preventing updates from non-admin/owners, i.e. the cell link fails?

Is this expected behavior for cell links in a locked column? I can't find any articles that specifically explain that situation. If not, any other hypotheses on what may be going on?

If nobody knows for sure I'll run a few experiments & report back.