Auto Record date of change



I'm encountering an issue with the "Record a Date" function on one of my sheets and would appreciate assistance. This function works flawlessly across many of my sheets, but for some reason, it fails to record a date for two specific changes in this particular sheet. I've experimented with various configurations of the "Record a Date" function to resolve this, to no avail. Interestingly, this sheet features six "Record a Date" auto flows, and all but two of them are functioning correctly.

The change in the sheet originates from a linked sheet, which I initially suspected might be the root cause. To troubleshoot, I set up a helper column to trigger a change using a numerical value. For example, if the status changes to "On Order," the helper column is assigned a value of 1. However, this approach didn't yield the desired result. Subsequently, I introduced a different helper column to capture dates from a column within the actual sheet. The "Record a Date" function was then configured to trigger when changes occurred in that column and a date was added.

Your insights or assistance in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.



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