Is there a limit to how many groups a user can be a part of?


I have a user who is a member of 8 groups - these groups are shared to different dashboards but only certain members can have access to all the content.

Other dashboards are accessible while the dashboard that is shared with the groups where this user is a part of, is coming up blank.

Just wondering if there is a restriction to the number of groups a single user can be a part of.


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    Hi @Aarifah ,

    In Smartsheet, there is no restriction on the number of groups a single user can be a part of that would directly cause issues with dashboard accessibility. Here are a few troubleshooting steps and considerations to help resolve this issue:

    1.          Check Group Permissions: Ensure that the groups the user is a part of actually have the necessary permissions to view the dashboard. Sometimes, permissions might be adjusted without updating all stakeholders.

    2.          Dashboard Sharing Settings: Verify the sharing settings of the dashboard itself. It's possible that although the groups are supposed to have access, the dashboard sharing settings might not be properly configured. Ensure that the dashboard is shared directly with the groups in question, or that the sharing settings include all members of the groups.

    3.          User-Specific Settings: There could be specific settings or restrictions applied to the user’s account or to the groups that are conflicting. Double-check if there are any unique permissions or restrictions applied at the user level.

    4.          Content Availability: If the dashboard relies on linked sheets or reports, ensure that the user also has the necessary permissions to view those linked items. If the user doesn’t have access to the underlying data, the dashboard might appear blank.

    5.          Browser Issues: Sometimes, issues can be as simple as browser-specific problems. Ask the user to try accessing the dashboard using a different browser or after clearing the cache of their current browser.

    6.          License Type: Verify the type of Smartsheet license the user holds, as some features and access levels are restricted to certain license types.

    7.          Check for Errors or Bugs: Look for any error messages when the user attempts to access the dashboard or consult the Smartsheet status page to check if there are any ongoing issues with the service.

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