Power BI - refreshing smartsheet data broken?



I'm trying to get to the bottom of why my Power BI reports that source data from Smartsheet are broken and will no longer refresh.

I developed the reports on power bi desktop and published to power BI online, they were set to automatically refresh and worked fine in February. I've come back from holiday and my users are saying that the reports are no logger viewable, and if I try to access them in power BI online I get the error:

"Power BI Premium is required

The dataset for this report is backed by premium files storage and can only be loaded on a Premium capacity. Go to Workspace settings and move the workspace to a Premium capacity to re-enable the report."

I've tried googling this by the explanations around a change to Microsoft licencing model are unfathomable to a mere mortal like me.

Can anyone help with a simple explanation of the issue and what might be needed to fix it without giving Microsoft $1000s to upgrade licences.



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    Hi @Roland Horwood

    So the issue is with PowerBI rather than Smartsheet? I use PowerBI for my Smartsheet Data but I export it using Datashuttle first because the direct connection had issues for me.

    To avoid upgrading all you accounts to PowerBI pro the only way really is to have one account everyone has to log into when using the PowerBI and this is not a very comfortable solution.

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