Embedding PPT online and point to specific slide

cweng ✭✭✭
edited 04/17/24 in Smartsheet Basics

I'm trying to embed a PowerPoint online document into my Smartsheet dashboard but I keep getting an error from Microsoft 365 to "Please sign in to view this file."

Even after signing in, my web browser just disappears and it doesn't even take me to the PPT document. However, I seem to be the only one experiencing this issue since other people I've asked to test it out for me are able to view the slides directly in the dashboard. I am the owner/admin of this dashboard, so I'm not sure why I'm running into this issue. I've tried publishing the dashboard and opening it in an incognito browser - still the same error. Does anyone know a solution to this?

The second part of my question is how do I embed a slide deck but I want it to start at a certain slide (not slide 1). It's fine that the viewer can scroll through all the slides, but I want the slide showing on the dashboard to be the specific slide. How do I do this?