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User Management button should go directly to User Management, not Admin Center


When I click on the User Management button for the first time after opening my browser, it takes me to the Admin Center, not to User Management. There is not a link to User Mgmt on the Admin Center screen, so I have to close Admin Center. If I then click User Management again in the same browser session, it does take me to User Management. I initially reported this as a bug, but learned it's operating as designed, per the Support response below:

"And also upon testing on our end, we were also able to experience the exact behavior when we first login to the browser and access the User Management page. And as we reached out with our team, we were able to identify that this is by design. Because that is the first time that you login to the User Management/Admin Center using the browser, or closed browser. It is necessary to login first in the Admin Center, before accessing the other functionalities under it."

My request is simply that clicking the User Management button takes you directly to the User Management screen instead of Admin Center (saves a couple of clicks and some frustration). Alternatively, put a link to User Management on the Admin Center screen.

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